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Almond Trees

Almond Trees from Johns Market Garden are very well grown and with several side laterals. An Almond Tree in your garden delights with flower and deliciously sweet nuts. Almond Trees [Prunus dulcis] grow tall but not especially spreading. If you estimate for around 15’ in height and 10’ in spread then this should accommodate an Almond Tree. They definitely need a sunny aspect and a soil that isn’t too heavy. Almond trees are renowned as being amongst the most beautiful of all the Spring flowering trees. The mass of sugar-pink blossom adorns the branches of the Almond tree in April. During warmer summers an excellent crop of nuts will appear.

Cultivating Almond Trees

As long as the basic cultural preferences for an Almond tree [described above] are noted then these are easy to grow. An Almond tree requires little or no pruning except for removing any dead growth in later years. Almond trees can suffer from Peach-leaf curl which causes blisters to appear on the leaves. It looks worse than it is and an Almond tree infected with this disease usually shrugs it off later in the summer and often continues to fruit regardless! It is however unsightly so you may wish to spray your Almond tree with a copper based fungicide in early spring to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Varieties of Almond tree

The original species of Almond tree [Prunus dulcis] remains the most beautiful and popular. However there are now two other Almond Tree varieties which have been selected for their cropping potential. Almond Tree ‘Robijn’ is hardy and free fruiting, and ‘Ingrid’ largely disease resistant and excellent quality.


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