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Tayberry plants

A Medana Tayberry plant is a great addition to your fruit garden. Tayberry plants never fail to impress with huge yields of tempting fruits. Tayberry plants outyield Blackberries and Loganberries and have a really fantastic flavour. Tayberry plants grow just like a Brackberry and are related. Allow 8 for your Tayberry plant and provide a wall or posts and wires. Tayberry plants are entirely hardy and easy to grow. A Tayberry plant bears fruits like a large, long loganberry. Deep purple in colour with a juicy claret coloured interior, Tayberries have a powerful flavour and are ideal for dessert. The fruits from your Tayberry hang in a mouthwatering blanket in July and are great also for freezing, pies, juices and yogurts.

Tayberry varieties

There are only two varieties of Tayberry yet released. Medana Tayberry is the original thorny kind and crops brilliantly and has a superb flavour. It is very disease free. If you want a thornless Tayberry plant then Buckingham is new and has quite smooth stems.

Pruning Tayberry Plants

Simply cut out the old stems when finished fruiting, in Autumn. Tie in new growths to fruit next summer. Tayberry plants are unfussy as to soil and are really highly recommended.


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