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Blackberry Plants

Blackberry plants from Our Nursery are easy to transplant. If you want Blackberry plants that reward with top quality berries, then buy your Blackberry plants from Johns Market Garden. We also seell a big range of thornless blackberries. Traditionally our Blackberry plants are grown in containers for easy establishment. We grow Blackberry plants in a huge range of variety and this includes thornless Blackberries as well. Thornless Blackberry plants are popular for the ease of picking and handling, for of course thornless Blackberries have no prickles! But we still find a ready market for Blackberry plants that are traditional and piny. These Blackberry Plants, in particular Himalayan Giant, can be used as a thorny intruder proof boundary. Some say Blackberry plants with prickles still have a better flavour. Varieties like Kotata or Ashton Cross – which was derived from a wild Blackberry- certainly have a true Bramble flavour. Many of the newer Blackberry plant varieties are actually hybrids bred from complex crosses. These Blackberry plants produce large and long black fruits. Varieties like Sylvan, Black Beaute and Loch Ness belong to this category. It’s well growing your own Blackberry plants; they are very productive and as shop-bought prices for Blackberries continues to escalate, it makes commercial sense too. Blackberry plants produce so much fruit its great to freeze your own, or make it into jam!

Compact Blackberry Plants

If you want a Blackberry plant for a confined space or Blackberry Plants for pots then look for Loch Ness, or Waldo. The latter is a Blackberry plant that caneven be grown self-supporting, as a bush. Most Blackberry plants normally need a support system of post and wires, or to be grown against a wall. Not so Waldo. Loch Ness is almost dwarfing in habit yet it is a Blackberry plant that yields as heavily as a traditional large Blackberry plant. It has fruits of excellent quality. Plant Loch Ness just 4-5’ apart. Blackberry plants of more traditional varietiues should be set 8’ apart and trained along wires. You can also grow Blackberry Plants over hedges.

Blackberry Plant cultivation

Blackberry plants thrive in sun or part shade. They fruit from July through October. Blackberry plants produce long, trailing growths. Grow them against a wall or train along wires. Blackberry plants grow in almost any soil. A top fressing of sulphate of potash is always beneficial in the spring. Blackberry plants are pruned by removing the old canes that fruited in the summer. Do this during the winter and train in the new growths, these are the growths that will fruit next summer.


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