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Rhubarb plants

Champagne Rhubarb is a great speciality here and much sought after but Johns Market Garden grows the very widest range of Rhubarb plants in several different varieties. Rhubarb crowns and Rhubarb plants are a speciality here. Rhubarb plants are so easy and undemanding yet very productive. Grow your own Rhubarb with quality crowns and plants ready to plant from our Rhubarb plant beds. Rhubarb plants can be harvested from the second year. We grow most our Rhubarb plants from special virus free stock. This ensures Rhubarb plants of the highest quality and makes sure the resulting crops are of a very high grade. In recent years Rhubarb plants of many stocks throughout the country became diseased and sickly. It was necessary to clean up stocks before offering them once again to the public. The results achieved from our Rhubarb crowns are really special.

Rhubarb plant cultivation

All soils are suitable but the heartier the best. Rhubarb plants like a good feed. Manure is very beneficial at planting time! Rhubarb crowns can make big clumps – allow 5’ between them. To force the plants for an earlier crop upturn an old dustbin over the Rhubarb plants in February. You will soon have tender pink sticks pushing through much earlier then unprotected Rhubarb plants. With careful selection you can have Rhubarb plants ready for picking from February through June. You shouldn’t harvest your Rhubarb plants after June. Victoria is an excellent Rhubarb plant variety for late pulling. A Rhubarb crown for early forcing is Timperly Early. A Rhubarb plant for the mid season is Champagne, or Stockbridge Harbinger.

Rhubarb plants suffer little if at all from disease these days and are generally hardy and trouble free. It’s worthwhile clearing all the old leaves from your Rhubarb plants in late Autumn. The plants will then remain dormant until next Spring. Rhubarb plants are entirely herbaceous in habit.


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