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Blueberry Bushes

Our Blueberry Bush collection is huge and Johns Market Garden offers many different varieties of Blueberry bushes to tempt you and the wild Bilberry bush too. All our Blueberry Bushes or Bilberries are top quality 3 year old container grown bushes. Blueberry bushes are the fastest rising members of the soft fruit family. Blueberry Bushes each year we grow more and more of, yet we can never have enough! Blueberry Bushes have many attributes. They are so attractive – with rich autumn tints and pretty bell shaped flowers, and are fairly compact too. A Blueberry bush remains productive for 10 years or more. All Blueberry bushes have been derived from the wild Bilberry, Vaccinium corymbosum. Blueberry Bushes really love being grown in pots. Grow a Blueberry bush in a 12” pot and use an ericaceous compost. A Blueberry bush called Top Hat is ideal for smaller pots as it’s a naturally compact variety. Wherever they are grown Blueberry bushes need an acid [lime free] soil. Otherwise Blueberry Bushes are easy and very frost hardy. Poland grows Blueberry Bushes commercially and we also have friendly customers in Scotland who have lots of Blueberry bushes that do well.

Blueberry Bush cultivation

All Blueberries are partly self fertile but all do better with another variety. Plant Blueberry Bushes in pairs of different varieties for the best crop. Blueberry bush varieties like Bluecrop, Berkley, Northland and Patriot are all really good varieties. Blueberry Bushes will reach around 5’ in height and the same across. Make sure they have this room to grow for the heaviest crops. Blueberry Bushes ripen there fruit through the second half of the summer. Try to grow a selection of Blueberry bush varieties for a long season of delicious berries! Its well worth cultivating your own Blueberry bushes because the fruits are so expensive to buy in the shops! A Blueberry bush when established can yield several pounds of fruit with little attention. Blueberry bushes need no pruning; just remove some of the old dead wood as the bushes age.


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