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Quince Trees

Meeches Prolific Quince tree – the most popular variety of Quince tree.

A Quince tree is a very desirable tree for the garden and our Quince Trees come to you as quality trees ideal for transplanting. A Quince tree doubles as an ornamental and a fruit tree. Quince trees are slow growing trees of character. The leaves of a Quince tree are gently downy and the flowers large, scented and rose pink! The Quince tree flowers in late April and it’s fruits mature in October. A Quince tree will provide you with spectacular, huge fruits, like a giant Pear, but gently downy and primrose yellow. The fruits of a Quince tree have a delicious aroma, a gentle perfume – it’s wonderful to just place 3 or 4 fruits from your Quince tree in a bowl in the kitchen, where they will scent the air. The fruits of a Quince tree can be cooked and enjoyed in several way. You can make Quince jelly, Quince marmalade, or chop and add to stewed apples or apple pie. The flavour is delicate but unique and lovely.

Quince tree varieties

Meech’s Prolific is the most famous variety of Quince tree and has smaller apple-shaped fruits. In our estimation ‘Vranja’ is an even better Quince tree for the garden. It’s fruits are large and pear shaped and it’s very reliable.

Quince trees – cultivation

Quince trees are easy to grow and thrive on most soils in sun or part shade. A Quince tree is slow growing but generally settles down to fruit within 2/3 years. All varieties of Quince tree are self fertile and the trees generally require little or no pruning. Quince trees benefit from staking whilst young to keep them straight; the stake can be removed after 3 or 4 years. Further notes on the cultivation of Quince trees can be found in our cultural guide. Quince trees belong to the family Cydonia oblonga. They should not be confused with the Japanese Quince [Chaenomeles] although these small scrambling shrubs do bear edible fruits they are nothing like the quality of a ‘proper’ Quince tree.


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