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Walnut Trees

Walnut Trees from our Nursery are excellent quality. We specialise in offering a wide range of Walnut trees for you to select from. Walnut Trees are slow growing and majestic in appearance. Many people desire to grow their own Walnut Tree for the crops achieved in later years can be very heavy.

Walnut Trees have long, pinnate foliage, prominent winter buds, and a thick, buttressed bark. They are easy to grow and hardy, although the Spring foliage growths can sometimes be caught by late frost but don’t worry, your Walnut tree will quickly shoot again. Walnut Trees need no pruning.

Varieties of Walnut Tree

The common Walnut Tree [Juglans regia] remains the most often grown. The closely alied Black Walnut Tree [Juglans nigra] is an interesting variation with darker nuts and a fine flavour. Both will take time to mature to fruiting age – Walnut Trees for production in about 7-10 years. If you can’t wait that long then plant a hybrid Walnut Tree of one of these varieties – Broadview, Buccaneer, Franquette or Rita. These Walnut Trees will mature in around 5 years time and the quality of the nuts produces from these hybrid Walnut Trees is truly outstanding.

All Walnut Trees belong to the ‘Juglans’ family.


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