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Raspberry Canes

Raspberry canes are second only in popularity to strawberries when it comes to soft fruit. Our Raspberry canes are top quality and carefully graded, Raspberry canes you can plant with pride and confidence! A lot of our Raspberry canes are supplied from Ministry Certified stock. Some of the old varieties of Raspberry cane are not eligible for certification but rest assured these Raspberry canes are still grown to high standards and inspected by ourselves to make sure they are free from disease. Raspberry canes, more than any other fruit, benefit so much from being disease free and the results you will achieve from Johns Market garden Raspberry canes will be very enviable indeed.

Raspberry cane selection

There are a lot of varieties of Raspberry cane, to some the choice could seem beweildering. If you want an early Raspberry variety then canes of Glen Moy would be our first choice. Itís spine free and a very heavy cropping Raspberry cane indeed. For a mid season Raspberry cane plantation look at Malling Jewel. Itís an old favourite Raspberry variety, itís canes are compact and easily managed. The fruits are very sweet with a lovely flavour. Raspberry canes of the variety Glen Magna provide a valuable later crop and for an Autumn fruiting Raspberry Cane then we would unhesitatingly recommend Autumn Bliss.

Autumn fruiting Raspberries

Autumn Bliss remains the market leader in Autumn fruiting Raspberries. These varieties crop from August through to the frosts. It is always advisable to include some Autumn fruiting Raspberries in your planting programme for the extended crop they provide is always of value. Autumn fruiting Raspberries also come in the varieties Polka, Zeva, Sceptre and Heritage. Autumn Bliss remains the most popular by far!

Golden and Yellow Raspberry Canes

Golden Raspberry canes have wonderful apricot coloured fruits. Yellow Raspberry canes are the same thing. The fruits from Golden Raspberry canes are very sweet and low in acids and make a lovely change from the red kinds. Yellow Raspberries are cultivated in just the same way as traditional kinds. Our varieties of yellow or golden raspberry cane include Fallgold and Golden Queen.

Plant your Raspberry canes 15Ē apart with 6í between rows. Raspberry canes like some support. Summer Raspberry canes should have the old canes that have fruited removed at the base in Autumn. Let the new fresh Raspberry canes come through and tie them in for next year. Autumn fruiting Raspberry canes should not be pruned out until February. These Raspberry canes fruit on the new growths that have come through that Spring.

You can find a lot more valuable advice on Raspberry cane cultivation in our cultural guide that includes all aspects of fruit growing.


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