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Grape Vines

Strong 2 litre pot grown grafted vines. Black Hamburgh Grape Vine. Seedless Grape Vines. Indoor Grape vines. Outdoor Grape Vines.

Johns Market Garden specialises in a wonderful range of Grape Vines. A Grape Vine is a great addition to your garden. Grape Vines bear very prolifically and the romantic ideal of a Grape vine laden with bunches of fruits is a very popular one. Johns Market Garden sells seedless grape vines as well as a whole host of other Grape vine varieties including black grape vines and indoor or outdoor grape vines. If you want a seedless grape vine then Lakemont Seedless is the best choice although there is also a red seedless grape vine called Flame. Grape Vines grow strongly but because hard pruning promotes the best fruiting potential a Grape Vine need not take up much space. You can even grow Grape vines in a container of 20. Grape Vines prefer a sunny aspect and will then produce vast amounts of fruit suitable for table or wine making. There are many varieties of Grape vine from which to choose including plenty for outdoors, or the greenhouse. The Grape Vine called Black Hamburg is the really famous one for the greenhouse and produces hot-house quality fruit bunches, even in a cold greenhouse or conservatory. All of Johns Market Garden Grape Vines are grafted. A grafted Grape Vine will always be a superior proposition to a Grape plant that is not grafted, or growing on its own roots. Johns Market Garden employs the same standards for professional husbandry when growing our Grape Vines as all our other fruiting plants and fruit trees.


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