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Nectarine Trees

Nectarine trees are well worth growing. Nectarine trees are entirely cold hardy so ignore the misconception that Nectarine trees need a warm aspect. Although a Nectarine tree will thrive on a sunny south or west wall, it is perfectly easy to grow your Nectarine tree in the open garden too. You can also grow a Nectarine tree against a sunny south or west wall, in which case you will need a span of approximately 8’ x 6’ high. Nectarine trees also thrive in containers and are naturally fairly compact. An 18” container would be ideal for your Nectarine tree and, if desired it can also be grown in the cold greenhouse or conservatory. A Nectarine tree in a container will grow to around 6’. If you grow your Nectarine tree in the ground, it will mature to around 8’ with pruning.

All Nectarine tree varieties are self fertile so there are no pollination issues. If you are growing your Nectarine tree under cover then you will however need to hand pollinate with a small soft-hair brush, dabbing pollen from one flower to another. This is quite a pleasurable task and is necessary because there won’t be any insects flying to pollinate your Nectarine tree naturally!

Dwarf Nectarine Trees

If you want a dwarf nectarine, one smaller than the average tree, then why not go for ‘Nectarella’ ? This is an ideal dwarf nectarine for a pot of 18” on the patio. The best thing about Nectarella is that it is naturally small and needs no pruning. It will reach about 4’ and the fruits produced are full-sized and of good flavour.

Nectarine trees require little or no pruning and thrive on most soils except the poorly drained. If growing a Nectarine tree in a pot we would recommend a soil based compost such as John Innes. Further hints on growing Nectarine trees can be viewed under our complete cultural guide.

Nectarine Tree varieties

Lord Napier is far and away the most reliable and popular sort of Nectarine tree for the garden. ‘Pineapple’ is a useful variation with a luiscious, rather tropical-fruit flavour reminiscent of Pineapples. It is definitely a Nectarine tree ‘though!


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