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Cherry Trees

Johns Market Garden cherry trees are grown from the cherry rootstock Colt, they are suitable for gardens of all sizes. We pride our cherry trees on being the very best, and as the majority are E.M.L.A. virus tested, you can be sure that you are investing in a high-quality cherry tree which will supply you with delicious fruits for a very long time. We also sell White cherry trees; white cherries are very sweet and popular! And also dwarf cherry trees suitable for pot growing. The cherry trees for sale are available in varieties which produce cherries in a range of colours and sizes, and which are ready for picking from mid to late summer.


A dwarf cherry tree is ideal for those with limited garden space, and the new Dwarf Cherry rootstock ‘Gisele’ has made it all possible. Gisele is a dwarf Cherry Tree that only grows to around 6’ in height and is very happy in a 15” container on the patio. This is a Cherry Tree that is also invaluable for growing in a fruit cage and even without the benefit of a fruit cage, it is much easier to net a dwarf cherry against the birds. You can also harvest your dwarf cherry tree from the ground as no ladders are needed. You can also grow Cherries as fan trained trees against a wall. The dessert Cherry requires a south or west facing aspect but Morello – a Cherry tree that excels for pies, jams and sauces – will succeed even on a North wall.


The Cherry tree is a beautiful flowering tree in spring, a wonderful harvest of rare, juicy fruits followed by the delightful colours of the autumn leaves. All are propagated on the cherry rootstock Colt, which restricts the excessive vigour of these superb fruits. This delicious fruit can now be grown in many gardens. Prior to the induction of Colt, the sweet cherry was far too vigorous for the small garden, as they grow so fast and vigorously up to 30 feet or more. On Colt rootstock these can now be grown as a traditional fan against a 6 or 8' wall, or in the open as a pyramid, where the height can be restricted to about 9' with easy pruning. Both of these ways of pruning are very easy to net against birds. For fans and bush, the trees should be planted 15' apart and, for pyramid training in the open garden 12' apart. With the exception of some of the new varieties all sweet cherries need a pollinator, but as incompatibility exists between some groups, choose your pollinator from those listed after each variety, Sweet cherries prefer good, well drained soil, sandy and shallow soils are not often suitable. The site should be sheltered from winds, in full sun and not in a frost pocket. They expect the best, but when given these requirements are very rewarding. Yields can vary considerably, but from a fan trained tree, 301b would be about average and similar from a pyramid trained tree. Sweet cherries do not do well in the northern areas. Most varieties are propagated from selected virus tested E.M.L.A. mother trees and all are budded onto Ministry certified Colt rootstocks certified free of disease and virus by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Cherry Tree varieties

We strongly recommend one of the newer self fertile varieties and these Cherry tree varieties tend to make the most reliable trees for the garden. Sunburst, Summer Sun, Lapins, Petite Noir and Summer Sun are all very good Cherry trees for your garden, allotment or orchard. Even if you are planting more than one Cherry tree so can combine varieties for pollination, we still recommend the above varieties for their reliability, quality and eating qualities. The older cherry tree varieties remain of interest to enthusiasts and collectors but do not make such satisfactory garden Cherry tree varieties.


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