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Plum Trees

Dwarf Victoria Plum trees. And a huge range of other Plum tree varieties too!

Johns Market Garden plum trees provide the highest quality plum fruits year upon year because they are grafted from the best available stocks. Our plum tree varieties available in an enormous and tempting range. We also grow a wide range of dwarf Plum trees on Pixy stock or as columns – Dwarf Plum tree suitable for the patio, garden or a Plum tree in a pot! The delicious fruit from our plum trees is ready for picking from late summer to early autumn, making them a great addition to any garden as the fruits are suitable for so many uses, including Plums for dessert, freezing, pies, jams and compotes.

Victoria Plum trees Victoria Plums are by far the most popular of all. Victoria Plum trees are available on dwarfing Pixy stock so you can grow your own Victoria Plum even in a small garden or a pot. Victoria Plum trees are self fertile so no other Plums are needed. Remember the Victoria Plum can be used for dessert eating or also bottling, freezing and jam!

Plum trees are amongst the most useful of all the orchard fruits. An established Plum tree on St Julian stock can yield well in excess of 50ibs worth of plums, making a Plum tree – or 3! One of the most popular of all choices for the garden. Plum trees of all varieties are hardy and easy to grow.

Many Plum trees are self fertile so you don’t need to worry about pollination. But where a Plum tree does need another to cross-fertilize you will recommendations included in the description. Plum trees blossom quite early, in March. The flowers of the Plum tree are smaller than the apple and pear blossom, and in good years can cover the branches like a frosting of snow!

Plum trees and rootstocks

A Plum tree is grafted onto a rootstock just the same as all the other orchard fruits. To make sure your Plum tree reaches the desired height in your garden you must choose the correct stock. A Plum tree on Pixy rootstock will grow to around 8’ in height. The spread on this obliging Dwarf Plum tree is the same, making this a good tree choice for the smaller garden. Pixy stock is now the preferred Plum tree stock for orchards too since it can largely be harvested from the ground. If you desire a more traditional sized Plum tree then the St Julian is the one for you. It grows 12-15’ in height and is a magnificent Plum tree indeed.

Columnar Plum trees are ideal for close density planting. You can plant such dwarfing Plum trees at a distance of just 2-3’apart and grow as a hedge, or use them in patio pots or planted alongside a walkway or path. Such columnar plum trees yield all up and down the stem and make a formal elegant fruiting feature in your garden or patio.

Varieties of Plum Tree

There is an enormous range of Plums to choose from; Victoria is by far the most popular Plum tree variety and is widely accredited as being the finest tasting plum of all. But if you want a super-reliable and hardy Plum tree then we would be hard pressed to recommend anything over the new variety Jubilee. This is a plum variety from Sweden and it really withstands the frost and yields incredibly well. In addition the Violetta plum variety also makes an excellent tree and is a little earlier, a Plum tree than ripens in July – excellent quality and taste. For a late season Plum tree that can be used late September and October then Marjories Seedling is well worth considering, Plum trees of this variety become laden with prominent clusters of large deep purple plums, and this is a Plum tree you can use for dessert or cooking. All the above varieties are self fertile and easy to grow Plum trees for any garden.


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