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Gooseberry Bushes

Our range of Gooseberry bushes is huge and includes Gooseberry bush varieties that are new – Invicta Gooseberries and special, or old and heirloom like the Golden Drop Gooseberry. Gooseberry bushes are so hardy and productive, plus it’s impossible to buy fruit in the shops so you must grow your own Gooseberry bushes for a fantastic treat of these wonderfully flavoursome soft fruits. We also offer a large range of Gooseberry cordons. Gooseberry cordons are a great alternative to Gooseberry bushes, as they take less space. A Gooseberry bush needs 5’ width, but a cordon only 18”. You can but cordon gooseberries in all varieties, as single or double cordons. Remember too you can plant standard Gooseberries. A standard Gooseberry has a neat head on a 3.5’ stem – a wonderful formal feature and easy to pick without bending. Standard Gooseberries are increasingly popular. Whether you choose to grow Gooseberry bushes, or Gooseberry cordons, you can rely on the best from Johns Market Garden. A well tended gooseberry bush can remain productive for 15 years or more.

Gooseberry bush varieties

When it comes to planting Gooseberry bushes, the mildew free varieties save a lot of trouble. Gooseberry bushes can suffer from mildew, especially in damp summers. Gooseberry bush varieties like Invicta, Jubilee, Hino Green, Greenfinch and Hino Red do not need spraying and are trouble free Gooseberry bushes for all areas. If you like to try something different then there are a lot of older heirloom Gooseberry bush varieties that may well tempt you but remember they may need help keeping mildew at bay. Gooseberry bush varieties like Golden Drop, Hedgegog, Langley Gage and Broom Girl have a wonderful flavour and are varieties we like to preserve from extinction.


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