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Blackcurrant bushes from our nursery are expertly grown, and includes Blackcurrant bushes of all varieties, as well as standard Blackcurrants. Very healthy bushes of Blackcurrant give unrivalled crops. Blackcurrant bushes are so very productive they are amongst the most valuable of all the soft fruits. Blackcurrant bushes are very popular for allotments and gardens alike. Blackcurrant bushes are very frost hardy, infact they actually appreciate a frosty winter and usually the crop the following summer is even heavier! Blackcurrant bushes reward with bunches of glossy ebony fruits that just excel for juices, preserves, pies and freezing.

Blackcurrant bushes from Scotland

A lot of the best varieties of Blackcurrant bush come from the North. That’s good news if you are looking for extra hardy Blackcurrant bushes. These are the types that crop very well even during frosty springs as these Blackcurrant bush varieties have frost resistant blossom. The Blackcurrant bushes we are recommending here are Ben Lomond, Ben Sarek, Ben Nevis and Ben Connan. These Blackcurrant Bushes represent the pinnacle of quality and perdrormance and we can assure you that Blackcurrant bushes of these varieties bear quite unbelievable crops. In particular Ben Sarek is a very compact Blackcurrant bush that enables closer spacing of just 3’ apart. Most other Blakcurrant bushes should be spaced 5’ apart. The aforementioned Blackcurrant bush ‘Ben Sarek’ is also suitable for container growing in a 12” pot.

Blackcurrant Bush cultivation

To prune your Blackcurrant bushes simply remove all the stems that have fruited, in Autumn. The new stems that remain on your Blackcurrant bushes will be left to fruit the following year. Blackcurrant Bushes are very undemanding and thrive on most soils, sun or part shade. The Blackcurrant season runs through July, and into August. The later varieties of Blackcurrant bush for extending the season are Ben Tirran and Ben Alder. These are a valuable addition to the Blackcurrant bush planting programme. It should be noted that contary to other currants, Blackcurrant bushes can not be grown as cordons. You can however have a Blackcurrant bush grown as a standard.

Further hints on growing Blackcurrant bushes can be found in our complete cultural guide.


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