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She also started her musical career and now has a makeup collection with Sugarpill called "Oh Honey! One of the options was Cupcake, but Mattel choose Trixie as her name because when she was younger, she had a rough relationship with her stepfather. Whenever she was acting too feminine, her stepfather would call her Trixie like it was a slur. When she was 18 she had to step in for a person who played "Dr. Frank N. It just so happened that the character's name was also Trixie, which felt like fate. She started her career only as Trixie, but nobody really knew her name so they referred to her as "the new girl who looks like a Barbie doll".

She can attach her Blaster to her belt when not in combat, as well as keeping her jars there so she could use her Slugs in battle. There is the Shane Gang Emblem on her belt as well. She wears dark blue boots as well as dark grey biker-like gloves. In " King of Sling ", Trixie is seen to be wearing a hat and a new outfit in order to disguise herself to help the King of Sling. There is not much known about Trixie's past, other than the fact that she had lived on her own home cavern with her parents.

Apparently, her home was terrorized by slingers with bad intentions which caused her to try to be her home cavern hero. She apparently became a slinger at one point in her life and left her home cavern to start an adventure of her own. Trixie first appears when she helps Eli defeat a goon harassing a passer-by, unaware that he was the new Shane. She meets Eli again who accidentally stumbles into her shot.

They became friends, although Trixie dismisses him as "no competition" and refuses to train with him, although she helps him spar against Kord and gives him a vital piece of information that helps him defeat Shockwave. Eli gains Trixie's respect and she become steadfast friends with Eli, Pronto, and Kord. Most of her battles were off-screen, but like Eli she had a winning streak until one point in the tournament where she lost and was eliminated.

Trixie accompanied Eli when Dr. Blakk attempted to recruit him and was shocked at what happened with a Ghoul Slug. She watched and encouraged Eli in the finals and was appalled when his opponent, John Bull, used a ghoul slug to knock down Eli.

After the tournament, she comforts Eli as he reminisces about Slugslinging with his father. A cry for help stems their first mission together. Trixie is an extremely smart slinger, who is able to exploit weaknesses in other slingers by simply watching them for a long time. Although not as powerful as Eli, her cool-headed personality can help her take out enemies Eli couldn't beat. She is shown several times to be more level-headed than the other members of the Shane Gang, often spotting things that are bluntly obvious that the other members of the Gang aren't able to recognize.

She has shown to have several leadership qualities and is able to strategize plans of attack or defense when Eli is absent, acting as a temporary leader until he returns. As shown on screen, Trixie seemed to have learned to fight in hand-to-hand combat. She is able to take out Blakk's goons with no problem and seems to be slightly faster than the other members of the Shane Gang. Trixie is flexible and has above than average reflexes. Although appearing as a small teen girl, she can overpower a full-grown adult without too much effort.

Despite her lack of strength, she is shown to be quick and to-the-point with her attacks, making up with her speed and small size. She is also seen being able to carry and shoot Kord's blaster even though it was much bigger and heavier than an average blaster, although falling down after shooting a slug.

In Student Counselshe expresses a need to keep her promises, intent on carrying out every favor Maud and Mudbriar requested of her and Starlight for their party, and getting angry when Starlight's dedication to her work prevents them from doing so. In A Horse Shoe-InTrixie, despite not taking teaching seriously, acknowledges Starlight's desire for help in her new position as headmare and sticks up for Gallus when Grampa Gruff shows little interest in his education, which leads Starlight to recommend her for the position of guidance counselor.

While under the influence of the Alicorn Amulet, Trixie's magic is augmented to the point at which she can cast spells beyond even Twilight's ability, such as age spells. In No Second PrancesTrixie admits to Starlight Glimmer that, as good as she is at stage magic, she's not as good a spell-caster as Twilight or as good a stage magician as her hero, Hoofdini.

As of All Bottled UpTrixie has begun learning real magic spells like transfiguration and teleportation under Starlight's tutelage. But, as seen in To Change a Changelingshe still has some difficulty in casting teleportation spells. In Road to FriendshipTrixie levitates her own body and shields Starlight from flame geysers. She also appears with Starlight during the end credits. Trixie appears on the regular coverthe SUB covera Larry's Comics cover REand another cover of Friends Forever Issue 6in the story of which Trixie is appointed queen of the Diamond Dog kingdom of Dimondia because they believe she can locate gems with her magic.

She calls on Rainbow Dash to give an aerobatic performance for her subjects, but in actuality, she needs Dash's help in leaving Dimondia because the dogs and her magic crown prevent her from doing so.

Trixie and Rainbow Dash come up with a plan to make the Diamond Dogs lose faith in Trixie as their queen. When Trixie endangers the Dogs' hoard of jewels, their lack of faith in her frees her from the crown's magic, and she and Rainbow Dash are able to get away. Trixie thanks Rainbow Dash for rescuing her, and Dash tells Trixie to stay out of trouble.

In Issue 37Trixie is hired on as Sapphire Shores ' visual effects expert for her concert at Manehattan's Madison Mare Garden and partnered with costume designer Rarity.

Because of Trixie's past deeds, Rarity is slow to trust Trixie at first. But after their lack of teamwork results in an accidental fire during dress rehearsal, Rarity gives Trixie another chance, and they work more cooperatively to bring concert preparations together. Luna and Stygian find her performing at Yakyakistan. After her performance insults the yaks, forcing her and the others to flee, Trixie agrees to join the team, wanting to play a part in helping to defend Equestria rather then be stuck on the sidelines again.

When the group enter the casino, Trixie's attention is caught, first by a game offering powerful magical artefacts, then by an alternate version of Twilight styling herself "The Great and Powerful Twily", whom Trixie immediately challenges.

Trixe tang naked

Trixie succeeds in defeating her foe, but is knocked out and captured by Eris before she can finish gloating. When Daybreaker turns on Eris, Trixie uses her magic illusions to simulate her and her team's capture to fool her. After Eris' defeat, Daybreaker takes over her position of power and allows Trixie and the others to return to their own world, where they go their separate ways.

Trixie is the main character of the novel Trixie and the Razzle-Dazzle Ruse. Trixie appears in Types of Magicand Spells. Trixie is the main antagonist in the Dutch magazine story Trixie Trucjes.

After Twilight changes Spike back to normal, Trixie laughs at her and creates twenty duplicates of Rainbow Dash.

The Fairly OddParents - Power Pals! / Emotion Commotion! - Ep. 48

Twilight and Trixie don't know which one is the real one. After the real Rainbow Dash is revealed, Trixie apologizes to Twilight and admits that "there is something that [Twilight] can do and [Trixie] can't. As a filly, Trixie was an aspiring magician, but she faces ridicule from audiences in Appleloosa and Rainbow Falls and Fancy Pants in Manehattan.

Despite this, she never gives up, and she finally earns her cutie mark after enough practice. When Twilight and Starlight appear searching for A. Yearling 's long-lost manuscript, Trixie tells them that Discord borrowed it from her without asking. Trixie has been featured in the mobile game since its first release.

She has been named in-game as "Trixie the Magnificent" and "Trixie the Magnificant. Future Trixie was added to the game the version 5. Her description states "It isn't ours to speculate on Trixie's future, but we're sure it's going to be just as great and powerful as her present!

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The traveling magician TRIXIE believes she's quite superior to other ponies and has been known to exaggerate her abilities from time to time. Recently, the Great and Powerful Trixie became remorseful once she was shown the error of her evil ways. Or was it her lack of real magical skills that made her that way?

Trixie eventually loosened up, making amends with her former rival. Now she tries her best to be a good pony This star of a one-pony magic show calls herself the Great and Powerful Trixie.

AU. A brand new story, with a complete role reversal. Timmy is in high school now with his friends. Trixie Tang a punk rocker, Chester McThunderbat is the school's home run king & AJ McClain is a brainaic and a ladies man, these are thier adventures. TxT. Trixie Tang is the most popular girl in Dimmsdale Elementary School in the series The Fairly with seemingly every other boy at her school, Timothy Tiberius Turner strives to win over. She is part of the popular kids social group at her school, and in some episodes is their leader. ==Synopi == Timmy Turner in gym class shoots the basketball into the net, Trixie Tang is the coach for the week. She hands out a flyer for a nude swimming contest. Timmy agrees to be in the contest. The next day, he goes to her house for training. He notices that Trixe is wearing her swimsuit, he asks why?

She challenges Twilight Sparkle to dual duels and loses the first when our heroine tames a celestial beast. Next, Trixie swipes the magical Alicorn Amulet to take over Ponyville A second Trixie Lulamoon mini-figure toy appears in the fifth wave of mystery packs, again with the same pose and mane style as the Rarity mini-figure toy mold but without any translucency. The European release includes a collector card stating that she "likes showing off," while the U.

A third Trixie Lulamoon mini-figure appears in the sixth wave of mystery pack toys, this one with the same pose and mane style as the Twilight Sparkle mini-figure toy mold and with a three-dimensional star as part of her cutie mark.

The U. S and the U.

Timmy and Trixie

A fourth Trixie Lulamoon mini-figure toy and collector card pair is part of the tenth wave of mystery packs, which has been displayed at the American International Toy Fair.

This collector card uses the same description as the first three U. From The Maud Couple onward, Trixie appears in the intro sequence. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? For this character's human counterpart, see Trixie EG. Trixie Trixie Lulamoon. Contents [ show ]. Twilight Velvet and Night Light. Categories :.

Trixie image gallery Appearances gallery Speculation forum. Dark grayish violet. Brilliant azure. Cutie mark. At least one appearance where the character is the focus of a shot, without spoken dialogue or narration. Supporting characters Cutie Mark Crusaders. Apple Bloom Babs Seed. The Apple family. The Sparkle family.

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