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The Life of Toph Beifong: Entire Timeline Explained (Childhood, Motherhood, & Later Life)

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Honestly, Katara couldn't think of a real reason. She could say it was wrong, but just why was it wrong? What was so terrible about two women sharing affection and pleasure? It wasn't as if Toph was a man dishonoring her, or she would get pregnant from this. And there was no denying the pleasure she felt. Her silence was Toph's answer. Smiling now, the blind girl let one hand skim from Katara's lower back, over her rear, to her womanhood.

Said woman tensed as a finger began exploring. Toph sighed against her neck. Katara didn't even bother to offer a protest. It had felt so nice when Toph touched her there before. Letting her head rest against the edge of the spring, she closed her eyes, murmuring softly. Rejoicing silently for this small victory, Toph gently teased the outer lips. Katara whimpered and whined in pleasure. She slowly and carefully slid a finger in, eliciting a gasp from the Waterbender.

The finger was gentle and probing, and involuntarily, Katara clenched around the little finger. She began kissing and nipping Katara's skin like it was some foreign delicacy. The hot water surrounding them, plus Toph's ministrations, was almost too much for the poor girl. Unconsciously, she caused the water to ripple around them in her haze of pleasure.

Toph could feel the water shifting and she felt a surge of pride. Carefully, she withdrew her fingers. Katara moaned in protest, and she grinned. Though the air was warm, it would feel cool when she got out, so Katara shook her head. She had been so close to orgasm before Toph stopped, and she was in no mood to cooperate with the very person who had denied her. With an exrated groan, Katara grabbed Toph's wrist and tried to pull the little hand back to her womanhood.

Toph shook her head resolutely, using Katara's own grip against her to try and pull her out of the water. Toph grinned, climbing out and allowing Katara a nice view of her rear. She turned and crossed her arms.

I'm not getting back in. The Waterbender hmphed, and a water whip wrapped itself around Toph's ankles. Smirking gleefully at Katara's response, the blind girl tapped her heel to the ground and raised her wrists, raising Katara out of the water and dropping her gently near Toph. Cuffs of Toph's native element appeared, holding her wrists down to the ground and pinning her on her back. The Waterbender's eyes widened, and she started to struggle violently against the cuffs, demanding to be let go all the while.

Toph knelt, delighting is the sudden switch of pleas as she pressed a finger to Katara's entrance. She went from demanding to be let go to begging for her release.

Her cries fell on deaf ears as Toph traced circles on her inner thigh. Don't tease me. I wasn't asking you to tease me! I was asking you to STOP teasing me!

Toph laughed slightly. Toph's lips and fingers danced along, only adding to her frustration and need for release. Katara froze, whimpering softly, until Toph experimentally flickered her tongue out. The dark-skinned girl's cheeks pinkened, but out of desperation she spread herself, needing release so bad and not caring how she got it.

Toph smirked, noting the reaction gotten. Using her fingers to gently hold Katara open she began working the older girl with her tongue - and occasionally teeth - into a state of bliss. Don't stop Just before she gained release, the devious Earthbender withdrew her mouth. She removed all contact from the now-aching Waterbender and sat back a moment. The pale-eyed girl merely chuckled and straddled the bound girl so that their pelvises were grinding together and smirked, playing with Katara's breasts firmly.

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She slid backwards from Katara body. Her fingers walked up a long, lean leg.

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Or it would have been if Katara had her wits about her. Toph allowed a finger to slide into Katara, who hissed and arched her back. But it's gone on long enough. I ache down there. Toph wiggled the finger just slightly; causing the Waterbender to buck her hips.

Her finger stilled to Katara's displeasure. I want to come now, and if this goes on much longer, I will be very unhappy.

Toph naked adult

The blind girl merely grinned predatorily. She pushed in two fingers, steadily thrusting and teasing her clit with her thumb. Crying out weakly and arching, Katara was obviously pleased, apparent from the sounds she made, and she almost sobbed in relief. There was no stopping the small Earthbender now. She aimed for every sweet spot she could think of and managed to wiggle a third finger in, still going at a steady rhythm.

She was wiggling so much that Toph had to bind her legs to continue, and slowly pushing her towards the release she so desperately sought. With her legs bound it was much harder to move around, which only prolonged Katara's need. Toph stopped suddenly, pausing to clean her fingers off.

Katara watched with rapt attention, her whole body throbbing. The pale-skinned girl laughed once, loudly, before yet again beginning her ministrations. Katara was close, and she knew that The Waterbender's whole body tensed, and Toph knew that release was imminent.

She had masturbated, both with her own fingers and a dildo, so she knew what to expect. Harder, please! Toph stopped. This time, she did nothing and Katara looked up weakly from where she was bound. She looked at the motionless Earthbender, her entire body feeling like jelly. She swore, thrashing the best she could and demanding Toph finish the job.

Avatar Toph gets fucked, free sex video. This menu's ates are based on your activity. The data is only saved locally (on your computer) and never transferred to us. XVIDEOS toph videos, free. - the best free porn videos on internet, free. Toph Beifong (Chinese: ????; pinyin: Beifang Tuofu) is a fictional character in Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, voiced by Jessie Flower in the original series and Kate Higgins and Philece Sampler in the sequel series. Toph is an extremely talented and masterful earthbender-i.e., she has the ability to telekinetically.

The Earthbender stroked her entrance, but otherwise made no move to comfort her. She started crying out of frustration. This just wasn't fun anymore. If Toph was going to continue teasing her, then it would stop being fun. It had been okay at first, but now Katara was overwhelmed. She was bound and unable to move, and frustrated in more ways than one. Feeling the Waterbender's distress, Toph crawled up to where Katara's face was, and without any mockery or malice whatsoever, kissed the tears from her face.

The blind girl laughed to herself before moving comfortably to finish this. She raised Katara's ankles up slightly by raising the earth that bound her ankles, causing the older girl to blush as her body was bared to all. But all thoughts flew out of her head as Toph pumped her fingers at a fast pace.

Her little butt wiggled on the grass, and she tossed her head back and moaned as she felt her orgasm draw near. This time, Toph didn't stop, allowing her fingers to quicken further.

She began to kiss Katara's tummy as she brought the girl to release. With a strangled moan, the Waterbender finally saw the stars explode in the back of her head, her whole body tensing and arching up as much as it could before she flopped back down, whimpering cutely. Toph allowed her bonds to sink back into the earth. Katara was so thoroughly sexed she doubted the Waterbender was going anywhere anytime soon.

Katara stared up almost blindly at the sky, trees, and the seemingly hazy silhouette of her lover hovering over her before the shadow ducked. The blue-eyed girl gd softly, feeling a little mouth lap up at her womanhood gently, causing her to shiver.

That tongue was thorough, probing along her most private areas and eagerly lapping everything up. The Waterbender had a sweet and musky flavor, and the blind girl explored every bit of the 'flower', making sure to lap up every last drop.

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After several moments, the Waterbender moaned softly, rolling over to her side and curling up loosely, trying to process what had happened as she tried to catch her breath, feeling her heart pounding. With a weak nod, Katara let out a quiet sigh, her pussy still pulsing slightly with aftershocks from her orgasm.

The blind girl chuckled softly, feeling the goosebumps on Katara's arm as she stroked it. In response, the Waterbender wiggled away, determined to not give Toph a solid answer after she had been teased so mercilessly. In response, the fair-skinned girl placed her palm on the ground and slid it towards her.

opinion you

The earth beneath Katara shifted, pulling her back towards the Earthbender faster than she could crawl away. The Earthbender simply slid her hand across the earth again, laughing as well.

The Waterbender gave up wiggling, and rose to her feet, starting to walk away. However, the Waterbender found her ankle suddenly encased in earth. You already teased me. I'm done with you! The Earthbender simply knelt in between Katara's legs, grabbing her chin gently but firmly. Her lips met Katara's somewhat roughly. The blue-eyed girl didn't bother putting up a fight, but she did make a small eep of surprise when the younger girl's tongue slid into her mouth hungrily. Toph comfortably explored Katara's mouth, listening to the noises of shock and pleasure the older girl made.

She pressed herself closer to Katara, letting the girl's ankle go so Katara would remain comfortable. Putting her arms around the younger girl, Katara relaxed and returned the attention, even going to far as to put her own tongue into Toph's mouth, leading to a passionate make-out session that any red-blooded male - and quite a few females - would have paid good money to watch. Finally, Toph let go of Katara's chin in favor of her arms, back, shoulders, breasts, and any skin she could readily get her hands on.

For such a calloused young girl, her touch was rather knowing and gentle under their firmness. She made careful note of the noises Katara made, listening to the sounds and feeling the reactions to see which parts of Katara were the most erogenous. Something she remembered from her voyeurism at home gave her an idea, and she quickly grabbed Katara's wrist, barely tracing her fingers over the sensitive skin.

Katara shuddered. Smirking, Toph lightly pressed her lips to the delicate flesh. The Waterbender moaned softly as she tenderly scraped her teeth over it before kissing back along the same path.

She couldn't believe how sensitive such a innocent-looking area was, and let out a soft gasp and whimper, wiggling under the blind girl's ministrations.

Toph moved her attention to the crook of Katara's elbow, kissing and stroking there softly. She had 'seen' this at home as well, and knew it would feel just as good to her friend. Katara's pussy was throbbing, but not as insistently as before, and she was content to let Toph explore, pointing the girl to the areas that she enjoyed the most, such as the underside of her breasts, or around her navel.

think, that

Toph in turn showed Katara tender spots she had never known about before, like the skin behind her ear or the little hollow at the base of her neck. As she was explored, Katara ventured to explore what she could, laying on her back pinned under the Earthbender. Her fingers slid along pale and creamy skin, enjoying the softness of it. Toph's soles and palms might be thick and callused, but the rest of her was silky soft.

Toph murmured encouragement to Katara, pointing out ares that were just right for her to reach. She shifted slightly, her knee wedged between Katara's thighs, the other on the side of Katara's leg. She bent her head down and took a breast in her mouth, feeling the Waterbender arch upward and let out a soft moan. Before, during their first encounter, all Toph had done was touch her breasts. But now The Waterbender keened and pressed her tit to the Earthbender's face, one of her fingers tangling into Toph's hair.

The blind girl smirked, biting down just enough to elicit a gasp. She rolled her tongue over the nipple, delighting as Katara cried out her name. Still touching Toph with one hand, she removed her other from Toph's hair and 'sneaked' her hand downwards, so that she could play with herself as the Earthbender continued to tease her breasts. Toph could feel her hand, as close as their bodies were, and pulled her knee upwards against Katara's pelvis so that the Waterbender's hand couldn't get past it.

She chuckled against the delicate dark skin. A hand casually made circles around Katara's chest. Don't tease me like you did before! She softly kneaded Katara's breast, twisting her knee painfully slowly. Come on. Be nice to your Sugar Queen. Her knee went still. Katara blushed at the unintentional slip of her tongue, and bit her lip gently, unsure of what to say. Her tenderness was obvious and slightly unsettling. Toph turned her face and allowed Katara to nuzzle her neck.

How was she going to explain? Girls going at it in the laundry, Toph's parents deciding to have 'fun', the nursemaid using a whip on the stablehand How could she not remember?

And neither her nor her lover were males. So she bent a substitute for them to use And the Waterbender did, indeed. Her mouth parted in a slight gasp. Was Toph implying that the two of them Her cheeks pinkened furiously at the mental image of this cute little Earthbender with a stone phallus in her hand, and she looked away shyly.

She even sewed the outfit I wear now, since she knew that silk gowns and dresses wouldn't work for me when I wanted to play. Doubtless your father would have been scandalized. Her laughter was infectious, and Katara found herself laughing as well.

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Unintentionally, Toph shifted her knee against Katara, and the Waterbender was brought back the reality of her situation. Toph could feel her heart speed up, like a startled rabbit. Unintentionally, her hand reached down to try to play with herself again.

Her hand was grabbed as it had been before. Hearing naughty things come out of the little girl's mouth excited the blue-eyed girl more than she thought it should. The younger girl exhaled slowly across Katara's skin, causing the Waterbender to shiver.

If I feel like it.

The legend of Korra - Earthbending Toph

She pulled her knee away enough to slip a finger over Katara's pussy. Did she really want to leave? And she had no doubt that Toph had played with herself before with a dildo.

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