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Lucifer 3x13 Tom Welling Scenes (4/6)

When Smallville ended in , it felt like we were all ready to move on to bigger things. Superman and all his friends had once again become big-screen heroes, and the CW was gearing up for a new age of superhero shows like Arrow , The Flash , and Legends of Tomorrow. Even the cast of Smallville seemed poised for bulletproof careers outside the borders of their little town in Kansas. Now that the hit show's been off the air for more than half a decade can you believe it? For a few years, it seemed like Smallville was going to be the start of a long acting career for Tom Welling. Smallville was Welling's first major role, but he soon secured parts in the Steve Martin comedy Cheaper by the Dozen and the sequel and the horror film The Fog. And then nothing.

Jun 22,   Whether or not Superman is gay (and the battle rages on), I think everyone can agree that Smallville star Tom Welling is worth desiring by either gender. I ran across this skinny dipping clip from the Smallville cutting room floor where we see a bit more of Tom than the producers had originally intended. Watch his cute butt bounce down the dock as he dives naked into a lake, flashing us a bit. Apr 08,   Oh, girls, there's a thread about Tom Welling's cock every six months or so. That video has been posted dozens of times. Now I imagine there are those of you who are new to the internet or who are finally beneficiaries of Mom and Dad's largesse in removing those parental controls, but otherwise you have been living under a fucking rock if you have never seen a Tom-Welling-is-hung . Feb 18,   one of the few times i've been speechless: at dinner with my roommate at chili's (i know, but he liked chili's). i looked up to order my drink and stopped cold as the server looked exactly like a young tom welling, but better-looking, with hair parted in the center, soft restaurant lighting.

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Mar 29,   Smallville star Tom Welling and Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan. CW. Frank Parlato gave more disturbing details to the Post about how enmeshed Mack was in the cult. "She started as a . Oct 02,   Lucifer will have some competition this year. When Lucifer returns for season 3, Tom Welling will make his debut as Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling), a . Tom Welling YM Mag photo by Thomas John Patrick "Tom" Welling (born April is an American. Tom Welling fell in love when I watched Cheaper by the Dozen Such a cutie, and a great model for the character of Asher- Tom Welling Tom Welling- One of my all time favorites but that could be because I have a Superman Fetish! See more.

By Maxim Staff. By Steve Huff. For some reason many websites out there automatically list him as cut and I'm just wondering where that information comes from. Yes, r23, I believe he amended his listing in Burke's Peerage to include information on the status of his foreskin But I know if I was Tom's spouse I'd like to practice all the time.

I want him badly. That is one hot hunk of a man no matter how big the equipment is. Let me at him. And outside this site no one would care! Most people don't even remember Tom Welling.

Sep 15,   Tom Welling has been fairly quiet in Hollywood since appearing as Clark Kent on the CW's johnsmarketgarden.comgh he was the OG superhero on a network that has since become known for its comics-derived. Biography. Tom Welling started out in construction, but he is so hot, hunky and handsome that in '98 when a model scout plucked him out of a party his career changed overnight. His toned body has graced the ads of Tommy Hilfiger, Abercrombie & Fitch and Calvin Klein. In he changed gears when he landed his first acting gig with a reoccurring roleon the hit drama, Judging Amy.3/4(4). Feb 01,   For a few years, it seemed like Smallville was going to be the start of a long acting career for Tom johnsmarketgarden.comille was Welling's first major role, but he soon secured parts in the Steve.

Aside from your overactive imaginations, what substantive evidence are you basing his alleged bisexual behaviour on? Seriously, this silly little thread of people talking about an old big bulge shot of Tom Welling sends you into that much of a tizzy?! All the faux anger in some of these posts.

No one posting on DL will ever know Tom. Gay or straight, rethuglican or dumbocrat, the guy will never share what we want to know. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he did have sex with men to get parts. Happens in the entertainment world all the time with straight boys who need to pay rent and eat. I can't get enough of him. He's definitely more of a Superman than Henry sorry Henry; I love you, too Now the question who is this guy?


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Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads! Tom Welling is Hung! He even frightens people with it!

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Oh, jees, that clip will never get old, will it? OMG I just clutched my pearls so hard that they snapped and spilled forth all over my laptop. Digitally altered? What a career he had! He needs to make like the ocean and pound Mama's beach!

Tom Welling Nude pics. Young Superman has never looked so good, right boys? Tom Welling knows how to make saving the world look easy. No wonder, with that firm body and mysterious smile he could set your minds and cocks on fire with one look from those eyes! k Followers, 1 Following, 43 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Tom Welling (@tomwelling)43 posts. Dec 02,   Tom Welling is suiting back up as Superman!. Deadline just revealed that year-old actor, who played the iconic Superman/Clark Kent role in Smallville, will return in the role in the

LOL Mama! It's NOT altered, it's been discussed before. It's all real. How do you know that he vacations with other guys? Is he cut?

Smallville 4x01 Lois sees Clark naked / Lana and Jason in Paris

That's what it says on other sites, but I'm wondering when that was confirmed. So that is how Miss W became a 'star'? He's pretty So in a weird way, O'Toole has played Superman's love interest and his mom.

She left the show after the sixth season, then returned in for two more episodes. O'Toole has been working as an actress sinceand during the '70s she was known for roles in then-popular shows like GunsmokeThe Partridge Familyand Serpico. After her run on SmallvilleO'Toole went right back to what she does best: taking small cameos in shows and made-for-TV movies.

Older readers would recognize Schneider best as Bo Duke on the original Dukes of Hazzard or for his long-running role on the '90s period piece Dr. Quinn, Medicine Womanbut he's been busy for more than three decades in both film and TV. So far in alone, Schneider has already amassed ten film credits, with another five slated for Sure, most of them are small parts in low-budget affairs, like the entirely forgettable horror flick Exit 14but you can't blame the guy for trying.

Tom Welling Latest News, Photos, and Videos

After all, he directed four of those releases himself. In this incarnation, Queen was portrayed by Justin Hartley. Like much of the younger cast of Smallvillethe show was Hartley's first big role. He even filmed the pilot before the show was dropped. Sometimes, the world just isn't ready for a bleach-blond surfer who fights crime.

Tom wellig naked

Or Lou Diamond Phillips. Really, have we ever been ready for Lou Diamond Phillips? Although Cassidy Freeman hasn't been involved in more than a handful of major productions, she tends to play memorable characters, from Jack in Once Upon A Time to a year-old bloodsucker, Sage, in The Vampire Diaries.

In Longmire she took charge of the role of Cady, Walt Longmire's daughter. InCassidy Freeman stepped behind the camera for the first time to produce the drama film Cortezwhich is about a struggling musician forced to reconcile with his past.

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It must have been a dream project for Freeman, who also plays in a band called The Real D'Coy with her older brother. Former child star Aaron Ashmore's entrance to Smallville didn't make much of a splash, but he went on to be a series regular as Jimmy Olsen, the Daily Planet photographer who was engaged to Chloe.

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Ashmore got his first film role at the age of 12, and the '90s saw him in a few bit parts in shows like Animorphs and Due South. Remember Are You Afraid of the Dark? Ashmore showed up in that show a couple times, too, along with Disney's The Famous Jett Jackson in

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