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:Wumpscut: - FUCKIT !!! ?LYRICS?

Release Date: Tracklist. Album Rating: 3. Have you ever written a review and when you try to make changes to make it better you just seem to keep making it worse Digging: Delacey - Black Coffee. Album Rating: 4. I might acquire this if my p. Digging: Slowdive - Just for a Day.

Wumpscut - Wreath of Barbs

So, I'm the industrial guy and Alex is the electro guy. We're building niches for ourselves already ; As for the album title, as it may already give away, the lyrics aren't exactly moving or rocket science but they're not raunchy mostly anyway or overly stupid. They're more just kind of 'there'. Not too big on electro music, more into heavy industrial, but this Glad you enjoyed.

I'll look into that Crosbreed album, but hopefully it's really industrial metal and not Fear Factory stuff.

Have you heard the debut by them? If so then don't launch your opinion based on that since Crossbreed became industrial after that album. Their debut was kind of a mix of nu metal and electronic effects, but New Slave Nation is pretty full out industrial.

Also I'll get this album at some-point, hopefully in the weekend when i have time. I'll look into it. Well, it's clear enough in the album artwork what the album is called. Review piqued my curiosity. I may have to check this out. Also, the distorted vocals are a slight negative even for people that enjoy this kind of music not everyone has a problem with them, obviously. Basically, good luck.

I actually am really liking what I'm hearing, very much to my surprise. And I'm pretty sure it's a positive thing that I can't make out the lyrics? I've been on an industrial kick lately. I must say, your brutal honesty in the review is well praised from me your first experience with this band I mean. You don't want to disrupt your elitist image or anything hahaha. Ha ha. Is that because I have "staff" under my name? Wow, Rudy Ratzinger is still making music, eh?

I stopped listening to :Wumpscut: like 7 or 8 years ago. Got kind of old. If you want to get into the band, I'd recommend Bunkertor 7 or Embryodead, they are both quality albums.

Wumpscut fuck it

I wouldn't call :Wumpscut: electro or techno. They are definitely industrial, or more precisely hard ebm. Also, it's funny that Rudy is still using the Weyland Yutani logo for his band. I'm surprised whoever owns the Alien license doesn't sue. I plan on looking into more of his stuff eventually, so I might as well start with those two.

As for the genre this falls into. I hate the really specific genres people try to throw out it's the same thing for various metal sub-genres. You say that Wumpscut isn't electro, but it is hard EBM. Even though the first letter of EBM stands for 'electronic' it still can't be 'electro'. Believe me, I understand the subtle differences between all of these sub-genres, I just think they go too far sometimes. I wouldn't be surprised if no one has even noticed that they use the logo as far as copyright holders go.

Wumpscut Fuckit 3. Review Summary: Solid electro-industrial. Rank: 0 for Based on those descriptions I only knew that I was in for some dark and aggressive electronic music; music that was apparently all-knowing. Amidst the driving beats, shrill techno-synth and dissonance are actual songs that make excellent use of melodies and hooks.

The first way this is achieved is within the songs themselves. Every song takes a strong dance beat as its foundation and layers synths, samples and distorted vocals over the top, as would be expected. Where they stand apart is in their ability to interweave melody through the noise without it clashing.

The way the band is able to integrate melodies without destroying the dark atmosphere is a great asset to this album, but another quality is the subtle transformation that takes place as the album progresses. This album seems to have a natural flow that begins at its most discordant and slowly evolves into something much more restrained. Christfuck Lyrics. Soylent Green Lyrics. Is It You Lyrics. Wreath Of Barbs album mix Lyrics. By Albums By Lyrics Featured.

Misheard Lyrics Video. Know the lyrics to any of these songs? Dark Chambers Lyrics by Wumpscut. Add New Lyrics. Angel Lyrics. Overkill Death for the Masses Lyrics.

Fuckit Tracklist

Black Death [French Concept] Lyrics. Thorns Lyrics. Dying Culture Lyrics. Black Death [Muted Concept] Lyrics. In Der Nacht Lyrics. Lindbergh [Ocean Part] Lyrics. Soylent Green [Extended Version] Lyrics. Torn Skin Lyrics. Line Of Corpses Lyrics. Dark Chambers Lyrics.

I Want You Lyrics. Wulf Lyrics. Womb Lyrics. Achtung [w: Remix 4 Der Blutharsch] Lyrics. Bleed In Silence Lyrics. She's Dead Lyrics.

Wumpscut Lyrics

Churist Churist Lyrics. Scavenger Lyrics.

View Wumpscut song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. We have 11 albums and song lyrics in our database. Wumpscut - Fuckit Lyrics. This is the night of the nights Im ready down and out I'm searching you when I am through You'll see what's all about I will find you and I. 12 rows Jan 11, Here comes Rudy's tour de force album. A standout listener that I may dare 4/5.

Tell Me Why Lyrics. Die In Winter Lyrics. Believe in Me Lyrics.

According to the band's press release, Wumpscut is a one-man project that has been steadily releasing quality industrial music since I make mention of the press release only because I was totally unfamiliar with this band's music before I acquired their latest album/5. Fuckit Lyrics: This is the night of the nights / Im ready down and out / I'm searching you when I am through / You'll see what's all about / I will find you and I am through / This is the night.

Maiden Lyrics. On the Run Lyrics. Ceremony [Remaster] Lyrics. Jesus Gone [Remaster] Lyrics. Hang Him Higher Lyrics. God A Tribute to Dive Lyrics.

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