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UNHhhh Ep 49: "PornOh Honey" w Trixie Mattel & Katya Zamolodchikova

Trixie Tang is the most popular girl in Dimmsdale Elementary School, who Timmy Turner strives to win over, among every other boy at her school. She is part of the popular kids social group at her school, and in some episodes is their leader. Her best friend and sidekick is Veronica. Trixie is taller than Timmy and his friends. She is of Asian and Scottish descent and has black hair and light blue eyes.

Trixie Tang

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Trixie tang fuck

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Trixie Tang

This episode shows the possibility of Trixie suffering from Histrionic Personality Disorderas she hates being alone, to the point of near mental breakdown, and cries for attention.

When Timmy decides to end their relationship, an angry Trixie chases him through the outskirts of a mini mall in her attempt to kill him using sporting and gardening equipment, including a helicopter to slice him in half with the propeller blades, since the missiles were sold separately.

Timmy manages to evade Trixie long enough to wish everything back to normal, she returns to her normal self with other people to give her attention, while Timmy declares that he is done with relationships for the time being.

However, this does not affect Timmy's feelings for her in later episodes. Not much is known about Trixie or her family and how they became as wealthy as they are during the series. Trixie's mother has never been seen during the series, only mentioned in Trixie's debut appearance episode.

There is a woman in the show who resembles Trixie, but this is Sanjay's natural mother and not to be mistaken for a relative of the Tang family. Her father is a short balding man with glasses.

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Unlike most rich parents, Mr. Tang is not usually protective of his daughter, he was willing to let a crazed-looking Timmy into his daughter's room with gardening tools with no argument.

He might be this way because the popular kids usually have a bouncer guarding them.

UNHhhh Ep 24: "Getting Older" w/ Trixie Mattel & Katya Zamolodchikova

Trixie's presence in " School's Out! As revealed in " Wishology! Aside from Timmy briefly mentioning this, not much else is known about their early relationship or Trixie's early school life. In the half-hour episode, " The Big Superhero Wish! Crocktopus Denzel Q.

Crockerand the Nega-Chin. Timmy and Trixie enjoying their final romantic moment before Jorgen erases her memory.

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In the television movie trilogy " Wishology! Trixie did not believe in the existence of fairies until she actually laid eyes upon them, and she became upset when she learned Timmy did not use his fairies to help others. Later on, Trixie starts to show a liking toward Timmy, who wishes her up a unicorn. At the end of the second part of the movie, Timmy tells his feeling and they share a kiss before going into The Darkness.

Trixie sheds a tear when she thinks that Timmy had sacrificed his life. In the third part of the movie, Timmy and Trixie attempt to kiss a number of times but are interrupted each time by different characters.

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At the end, Jorgen wipes Trixie's memories of fairies and the events of Wishology, and she goes back to rejecting Timmy by her next appearance, although she did warm up to him again in later episode " Manic Mom-Day " although, at that time, Timmy was actually Mrs. Turner in his body. In the episode " Hail To The Chief ", Trixie mentions that she works for the school newspaper as a political reporter, and therefore has to know the names of all the "losers" in her school, admitting that she was really feigning her ignorance of Timmy's name.

Trixie helps Tad and Chad bring down Timmy after he became school president when Veronica showed them Timmy consorting with Sanjay, a nerdier student, in the school library.

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After taking photographs of Sanjay and Timmy with books, they accused Timmy of "geekiness" and impeached him from his office as president of the student body. Since Timmy has a crush on her, he expects to be married to her someday. Though she was not depicted in the TV movie " Channel Chasers ", it has been speculated by her fans that she is the mother of Timmy's children based on their appearances.

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However, Tootie has the exact same hair color as Trixie. A quiz on the Fairly Odd Movie's website may have challenged this connection, but the fact their names were on the quiz as answers were likely as a reference to "Channel Chasers", so it is still possibly up in the air. Trixie Tang is one of the characters who did not appear in the Live-Action Moviesand her prior romantic interactions with Timmy are not mentioned.

Since the introduction of the new character, Chloe, Trixie has fallen out of the important characters and made a cameo appearance along with Chester, AJ, Crocker and Vicky as one of the guests at Timmy and Chloe's birthday parties. Being the most popular and prettiest girl at her school, Trixie is sought after by a number of students, including Timmy Turner. Timmy Turner constantly pines for the affection of Trixie Tang, but most of the time, she will not even give him the time of day.

In a few cases, she does not even seem to remember his name correctly, although she might be feigning this as she revealed in " Hail to the Chief " that, as school newspaper editor, she has to know the name of all the school's losers. However, many times when Trixie has been given the opportunity to actually speak with Timmy alone, she appears to be a little more interested in him, and often warms up to him after getting to know him she also shared a direct first kiss with Timmy during the ending of " Wishology : The Exciting Middle Part" before he is sucked into the Darkness.

They then have tried multiple times to kiss again, interrupted by another male character sticking their head in the way and taking Timmy's kiss instead. She also lightly kissed his cheek in " A Wish Too Far! In almost all cases of this though, something using magic related resets any progress Timmy might have made with her, or it is simply disregarded in Trixie's next appearance.

In the episode " App Trap " it is mentioned that Trixie invites Timmy to her party, demonstrating that, in the newer episodes, she has more of a friendship with Timmy and the other less popular classmates.

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Veronica disguised as Trixie says "Call me Trixie! Veronica is Trixie's best friend, although they both seem to actually hate each other behind their backs. Veronica secretly wishes she could be Trixie so that Timmy would take interest in her. Trixie tends to call Veronica a "spaz", less pretty and less popular than her, and quickly discarded Veronica as her best friend when she befriended Timantha.

In later episodes, Trixie rarely appears with Veronica at all. This might suggest that their friendship is superficial at best. Interestingly enough though, they have very rarely appeared together throughout the entire series. Only in one episode does one girl even acknowledge that the other exists, in " You Doo " when Tootie insults Trixie through the use of a Timmy You Doo Dollalthough even in this instance it is still not clear if Tootie actually knows about Timmy's crush on her or if she is just jealous of Trixie's popularity.

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Trixie and Tootie also marched alongside each other in the song " Adults Ruin Everything " from the movie " School's Out! It is unlikely though that this had any meaning, due to it being part of a song and a brief part at that.

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Among other classmates at Dimmsdale Elementary that show interest in Trixie are Tad and Chad, who in their first appearance were just as lovestruck at the sight of Trixie as Timmy was. In a later episode, " Movie Magic ", this seems to be opposite of the case, as Trixie is easily swayed by Tad and Chad's likes and dislikes, and in " Class Clown ", she is won over by their humor. Francis also managed to impress Trixie at Dimmsdale Beach when he beat up Timmy and his friends, kicked sand in their face, and stole Trixie away from Timmy.

Trixie stayed at Francis' side until she was won over by Timmy who used the same beach bully strategy on her and Francis. In " Emotion Commotion! Timmy had lost his emotions, and did not display any emotion toward Trixie when he was made her official boyfriend, causing her to immediately dump him and start dating Chester instead.

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