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Maintaining hygiene in your intimate areas is important for both your health and well-being. Cleaning your butt properly is vital for your day to day comfort. An unclean anus can lead to irritation, discomfort and even painful hemorrhoids. It might seem like the most obvious thing to do, but there are still many people who find that they struggle to wipe their butt properly. This is important because the peristaltic flow of our digestive system can take a little time to push feces through the colon, which is why sometimes you may find that you have to return to the toilet. Another tip when it comes to going to the toilet is to not push too hard or force bowel movement, but rather let nature take its course. After you are sure you have done as much as you need to, you can start to wipe.

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According to usersplenty of people actually don't know how to keep their downstairs squeaky clean. Yes, it's really that bad. Wiping and washing might seem as though they're pretty basic human skills, but in reality, there are plenty of ways to mess them up. For example, some people are convinced you can wipe while standingwhich is nowhere near correct.

Screwing up the intricate art of washing your butt can lead to odor, discomfort, or swamp ass.

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None of those symptoms are particularly fun, especially in the age of ass eatingpeggingand prostate stimulation. Butthole visibility is at an all-time high, so make sure that it's not visibly crumbly and matted.

Why I stopped using Toilet paper + live demo

The first step towards peak cleanliness is maintaining a well-wiped butt. Wiping and cleaning go hand in hand, which is something we generally learned once we left diapers behind. Unfortunately, the correct way to wipe your butt might elude you. According to Dr. This can cause painful conditions like hemorrhoids or anal abscesses, which can lead to their own problems, such as bleeding, itching, and leakage.

Whether you're a man or a woman, it doesn't matter, all genders can have anus problems for various reasons. For more, we suggest reading this oneHOWTO article on how to thoroughly clean your anus so that you's butt is clean, healthy and devoid of infections. Aug 28,   Screwing up the intricate art of washing your butt can lead to odor, discomfort, or swamp ass. None of those symptoms are particularly fun, especially in the age of ass eating, pegging.

If you suffer from either of those conditions, he recommends using wet wipes instead of the usual dry TP. No matter which wipes you choose, make sure you take a close look at the ingredients. The bidet shower spray. The Arabs call it a shattaf, sounds like shit off, which is basically what it doesbut this is nothing more than a handheld water shower that connects to the water inlet valve for the toilet via a T-connection.

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Room temperature water is sprayed on the anus after the business is done. As with the tabo, hand washing the area with soap is an unmentioned option.

Washing your ass

The baby poo just goes right down the loo. The downside to using a handheld shower spray in a colder climate is, in winter, the tap water can be extremely cold.

In some places these are called the muslim bidet and other names, because the muslim world is apparently quite particular about keeping clean down there. The sprayer pipe. In Egypt you are likely to see a curved brass pipe at the back of the toilet bowl.

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Just turn on the tap and a jet of water shoots towards the butt for hands-free washing, or manually assisted soaping, as discussed under the tabo. So here is the taboo subject of cleaning the ass being discussed in a magazine. Some will find the whole subject unthinkable and live their whole lives failing to properly remove poo and bacteria with their little pieces of tissue paper, and others will never use tissue paper instead of washing.

Sparklee A Hole is always ready for inspection and never has to hide his underwear deep in the laundry basket.

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But some comments contained less than tolerant cultural attacks etc. Close Menu About the-vu. Legal disclaimer. ated: June 3, If you are using a lot, it is usually for one of these reasons: The toilet paper is of poor quality.

You are not wiping properly. How to wipe your bum properly: Make sure you have your folded toilet paper and that it covers your whole hand. If you don't, you may get the dreaded little piece of poop on your finger. Hold the toilet paper firmly and place your middle finger in the center. Wipe from front to back. Move in one smooth motion and ensure you lift the toilet paper away cleanly. Don't exert too much pressure when you wipe, but be firm. As it is the first wipe, you hope to get the majority of the poop, but this will not always be the case.

Too much pressure can also hurt your anus. Generally, choosing whether you sit or stand while wiping your bum comes down to personal preference, however, there are some things to consider: When you sit down, it allows you yo spread your butt cheeks and use the toilet seat to hold them apart.

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The main ways you can wash your anus properly are: Is it safe for adults to use baby wipes : there are special wet wipes which can be used for the toilet. They are moist and will be able to clean the area more thoroughly. Use them in the same manner as the toilet paper.

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These baby wipes or wet wipes will, however, leave your anus a little moist. Therefore, you will need to dry it properly with a piece of toilet paper.

Enema : an enema is a douche used for the anal area. It can be used when you are particularly dirty. It is a rubber or plastic bulb with a nozzle attached. The bulb is filled with water and the nozzle is inserted at the opening of the anus to squirt water.

How to Wash Your Butt

This is a somewhat invasive procedure and should only be used occasionally when your anus is very dirty. Using it too often can be damaging to the anal tissue.

For more about the anus problems and queries, we recommend reading our following articles: Why does my anus itch at night? How to maintain good feminine hygiene. I wipe until the tissue is clean, sometimes fecal matter don't come out completely, and what I do is insert my middle finger and give it a gentle push around a few time to extract the fecal matter, it works every time, and of course you wash with soap and water, a lot of people don't know how to do this, and they leave a lot up there.

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Hi Nick, You are incorrect. We mean all genders, however they identify. The only requisite to wiping an anus is to have one. And if you are a personal assistant to someone who cannot wipe their own anus, this article may be useful for them too.

For me this works: I usually do a bowel movement before I take a shower. I still make sure I am clean.

Jan 19,   The most popular bodybuilding message boards! How do you wash your ass in the shower? This heavily debated topic must come up once every other week. When I'm done washing my head using shampoo, I use my shampooey hands to wash my package, gooch, and butthole. My hands don't touch anything else until they've been sufficiently washed. How to Clean Your Ass Before Anal Sex Illustrated guide for douching your rectum, how to properly get an enema in your own shower. Get your ass clean for fucking, fisting, dildoes, rimming, anal play. Room temperature water is sprayed on the anus after the business is done. As with the tabo, hand washing the area with soap is an unmentioned option. These sprays are often called diaper sprays or nappy sprayers, because they can also be used to wash off most of the baby poo from your baby s diaper before tossing it in the bleach pail.

Spread bum cheeks ever so slightly 2. After you do your business do a courtesy flush. Continue to a dry wipe, gently and flush so as not to plug up with toilet paper and overflow toilet. I do not use bum wipes because people make assumptions that flushable wipes are really flushable when in fact they are not, the same with tampons, hair and Q-Tips.

How to Wipe and Wash Your Butt for Optimal Cleanliness

I am a plumber and so many people get their sewers plugged up. Plus they also plug up the vent which prevents sewage to flow.

Oct 01,   Water cleans your skin without exposing you to these harsh ingredients and is the best option for keeping your anal area clean. One of the few things everyone seems to agree on about the Coronavirus COVID pandemic is the importance of washing your hands thoroughly and ensuring your children VIEW MORE> SCHEDULE A CALL BACK> CALL US AT. I laughed out loud when I saw your question, but I know why you're asking. I used to be afraid to clean my butt, that's where poop comes out of! Ewww! I didn't want to use a sponge because I didn't want to get poo particles stuck in the sponge and. Jul 06,   How To Properly Clean Your Ass Before Anal Sex, As Told By A Porn Star. insisting the best way to clean your ass prior to anal sex is with a water enema "on a towel on the floor in the Author: Bobby Box.

I carry a hotel complementary body lotion which has no alcohol, or hair conditioner which also is free from irritants. This is more effective than Water and soap because the toilet paper does not degrade as it does with water and soap.

Wipe till clean. Doing this way will minimizes problems with mainline sewer issues, and embarrassing overflows at toilets away from home.

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