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Fruit tree Nursery growing dwarf fruit trees of exceptional quality, including fruit plants for sale and column fruit trees. Offering a very wide variety of fruit plants for sale and plants fruit.

Fruit tree and fruit plant specialist
Here at Johns Market Garden we specialise in growing our own fruit trees and offer a reliable mail order fruit plant service. Our fruit tree nursery buds and grafts its own stock so we can be entirely sure of its health, progeny and quality! We don't "buy in" stock to satisfy our orders as so many other fruit tree nurseries do. So if you are looking to plants fruit in your garden this season we ask you to consider our pedigree for supplying only top quality fruit trees and dwarf fruit trees as well as many other fruit plants and bushes too.

Mail Order fruit trees and fruit plants
We pride ourselves on offering a reliable and trustworthy service with very well packed parcels containing only top quality fruit trees as well as dwarf fruit trees and fruit plants. All our stock is guaranteed to thrive and rigorously grown here for health and quality. You can buy with confidence direct from the grower knowing that our expertise in fruit tree propagation will benefit your garden with improved results and yield, results which can only come with planting the best quality fruit trees and plants fruit.

Dwarf fruit trees and column fruit trees
These days, as modern gardens become smaller it is an invaluable development that there are now many small and miniature fruit trees suitable for smaller gardens and the patio. On this site you can buy dwarf fruit trees of Apple, Pear, Plum, Gage, Damson and Cherry that are specially grafted onto dwarf rootstocks or grown as column trees and suitable for the smallest space. Miniature fruit trees does not necessarily mean miniature crops for an Apple on the dwarfing M9 rootstock can typically yield 40lbs of fruit in a year! Column fruit trees are probably the easiest of all to maintain and you can grow them in just 18" of space with luscious fruits all up and down the stem. They are very easy to prune and the number one recommended choice for beginners.

Fruit trees for sale Fruit specialist a very wide range of fruit trees and fruit plants
Aside from the ever popular small and patio fruit trees you will also find we offer all our varieties as traditional orchard sized trees so if you have the space rest assured you will find suitable larger fruit trees here as well! In addition you can buy cordon trees, stepover trees, fan, espalier and so much more! When it comes to varieties, then our fruit tree nursery can satisfy with a huge range which encompasses not only the best new varieties of fruit tree and fruit plant, but also a wonderful range of old and heirloom traditional varieties, many of which you might have thought had long since disappeared! Our enviable fruit plant collection is painstakingly maintained so that we do not let these older treasures disappear from cultivation.

Grow your own delicious pesticide free fruit & save money too
The rise in grow-your-own has extended significantly to fruit plants and fruit trees and the financial benefits of devoting an area to your garden for delicious hardy fruiting plants is well documented. If you consider that just one dwarfing M9 stock apple tree can easily yield 30lbs or more fruit, indefinitely for years and years, from a single initial outlay of less than £20 at todays supermarket prices that's around £25 worth of fruit every year. Or that just 10 strawberry plants will yield 10lbs or more of fruit at a retail value of around £25 for 3 years or more, and you soon realise that you can save an awful lot of money in growing your own. And of course they taste a whole lot better too!
Remember too that you are entirely in control of exactly what you eat it's up to you what if any - pesticides you use on your crop, therefore ensuring complete peace of mind as to the origins of your own home grown fruit.

Despatch times & Carriage cost
The best despatch season for all *soft fruits and fruit trees is October to early April as bare-root stock. However we can usually despatch as container-grown outside of these times if you wish and can provide a service more-or-less all year round. The cost of carriage is £8.95 on any one total order.
* Strawberry plants are sent out from April-September only, and are always pot grown.

Service & Advice from the fruit specialists
We only grow fruit plants and fruit trees and we grow and propagate our own stock. So if you want the best advice to back up your purchases contact us for the most knowledgeable and dependable advice on all aspects of fruit growing.

Your success and our reputation are equally important to us. Remember that we personally guarantee all purchases to ensure your satisfaction!

Visitors to the nursery
The Nursery is geared to providing a first class mail-order service. We haven't found it possible to integrate this with a system that allows for providing for personal on-spec callers as well. Therefore if you wish to call you are advised to telephone and order your requirements first so that they may be ready for you.


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